Dear Amber,

Mom is nice enough to type for me, because typing is one of the few things I’m not fabulous at!

I just wanted to thank you for all the help that your wonderful massages and integrative work have been for me.  I have been eating better, sleeping more restfully and I’m more social with my brothers and sisters.  Before, I usually stayed in my room, didn’t want to interact with the gang and often had spells where I didn’t eat well because my tummy was bothering me.

Now, I’m feeling much more balanced!  I’m moving very well and have not had any bad episodes with my back since working with you.  My back used to “go out” every few months and I’d need a trip to the vet for pain meds and a few days before I was able to move well.  Mom is incredibly grateful for this, since she really gets stressed when I’m not feeling well!

Every week, I’m very excited to see you and love our time together.  Thank you so very much for taking such wonderful care of me!

Dog Bless,






“When my French Bulldog Bella, was diagnosed with a spinal deformity and IVDD, the Veterinarian told me Bella would never walk again and she should be PTS. I refused. I felt devastated. When I heard about Amber, I wasn’t sure Bella could be helped but I was hopeful. Amber immediately put Bella and I at ease and Bella fell right into Amber’s healing touch. It has taken patience and Amber’s unique skills to bring Bella where she is today – walking and enjoying a quality of life no one thought was possible. Seeing Amber is Bella’s favorite part of the week. I know Amber saved Bella’s life and I am so grateful we found her! ”  – Tammy


“Amber was a savior, entering our lives through a recommendation of a good friend of ours. Our old 90 lb. Lab/German Shepard mix Flanery, was loosing strength in his rear legs with arthritis from ligament tears as well as larynx paralysis which also affects the strength of his rear legs. After an extensive phone interview, Amber came to our home having thoroughly researched Flan’s condition. She exhibited extensive knowledge of his condition as well as the medications that he was on and provided us with suggestions of other holistic considerations. Flan responded favorably to his sessions, always excited to see Amber while calmly laying there during his twice a week massages. Over an 8 month period, Amber was able to improve his mobility and increase good circulation. while a fifth pneumonia finally took his life, Flan was still spirited, trying to chase the young pups up until is final days with us. Amber was a big part of his spiritedness in the last 8 months!” – Helen E.


“I met Amber on the street while walking my 9 year old rottie, Clea. My dog immediately fell in love with Amber. In our brief street conversation I spoke with Amber about possible working on Clea and her arthritis. In that moment I had no idea that Clea also had bone cancer and the months to come would prove to be very difficult physically for Clea before and after diagnosis plus the amputation of her front left leg. Amber was there for all of it. Collectively we tried to figure out what was happening to cause Clea so much pain when she was misdiagnosed as being “cancer free” by our normal vet. Then when we exhausted all possibilities I found a Specialist to reevaluate Clea. They confirmed my worst nightmare of the previous vet misdiagnosis and the need for amputation. Amber helped Clea transition back into the world as a tri paw after her surgery. Her keen intuitive sense and gentle caring touch helped in the process of Clea regaining her balance and bearings. There is no way Clea and I could have gone through those months before and after the surgery with out Amber.” – Kelly Greaney


“If you have a pet, Amber is a MUST! I’d just rescued a dog who was quite fearful and anxious and within just one meeting with Amber, he calmed down and showed no fear at all. She exhibited patience, love and true knowledge when working with him. I was extremely impressed with how gentle she was and how much time she spent answering questions about his diet and overall well-being. I highly recommend her for any animal, as it does wonders for both their physical and emotional states.”- Cecily Knobler


“Just after one meeting, my cat went from being a timid yet wild cat to being a calm and friendly kitty! Amber has the magic touch! She relaxed my cat and now my cat greets everyone :)  I highly recommend her work!   – Shok Kantor


“Amber has a gift for working with animals. My senior golden (16 years-old) was suffering from arthritis. When Amber came over Athena would get excited to see her and lie down for her treatment. Amber was gentle and compassionate with Athena. Athena would move around more comfortably after Amber finished. Amber helped my senior pet be more comfortable the last year of her life. Thanks Amber!” – Barbara Adams


“I am writing this review because Amber has really come through for me and my pets in my biggest times of need. She has given my pets massages and reiki healings. I trust her and know she has my pets best interests at heart. She really loves animals and is always there for me to give me advice as well when I hire her. I am just happy to have found a trust worthy, loving and smart holistic minded pet lover in this big chaotic city full of strange characters. Amber has been a blessing to me and my pets. I just had to write this as a way of thanking her for all she has done to ease my mind and be there when my pets need her most.” -Heather Stevens


“I contacted Amber in September of 2012 and it is now March 2014 so this testimonial/ review is very overdue. I usually don’t write reviews but I decided to write this one because I believe that Amber’s visit changed my life. One day, in September 2012, I noticed that my cat Felix was having trouble walking and didn’t want to leave my bedroom (even to eat food…and he loved food). After taking him to two vets he was diagnosed by a neurologist with a disease called cryptococcus which affected his central nervous system. They told me that it was at a critical stage and that the medicine could either make him better or he may pass away. I was completely freaked out but began giving him his medicine with hopes that he would make it. Once on the medication he stopped eating. He was given an appetite stimulant by the vet but it didn’t work and I had to start syringe feeding him. He began losing weight & looking very bony!  He was in really bad shape and had just started a new appetite stimulant when I contacted Amber to come over and give him reiki. At the time I didn’t even know what reiki was. I assumed it was some type of energy work but I had no experience with it at all so it was odd that I even decided to hire someone for reiki. The thought of reiki just popped in my head so I decided to go with it!  Interestingly, maybe a day or two before Amber arrived, Felix had slowly began to eat on his own but I still had to follow him around the apartment with the food bowl and beg him to eat and sometimes I had to take the syringe out and force him to eat. When Amber arrived she had a great energy and personality. I could tell she was a good person that cared about animals. She introduced herself to Felix and then sat on the floor and began giving him reiki without touching him as he was lying down on his favorite ottoman (the one I would use when syringe feeding him).  He just lied there the whole time as if he was in heaven soaking up all the energy. My other cat Roscoe came out of the bedroom at one point and walked over to Amber to check her out. When Amber got closer to Felix towards the end of the session, Felix rose his body up trying to make contact with her hands and be closer to the energy. At the end of the session, Felix turned around and faced away from Amber and went to sleep. Amber said that Felix intuitively knew that the session was over. After this reiki session with Amber, Felix started eating more and more and I finally didn’t have to follow him around with the bowl anymore. He gained a whole bunch of weight back along with his natural ravenous appetite. The amazing thing to me though was that besides getting better physically, his personality improved dramatically as well! I forgot to mention that I had rescued Felix off the street. He was a bit skiddish and scared of people. He would even growl and hiss at me at times and get mad if I tried to pick him up. He would get very scared if I put him in my lap and his body would become very heavy and he would bolt when I let go of him. After the session with Amber (and perhaps because he realized that I cared for him and saved his life) he started jumping into my lap and staying there for long periods of time while purring. He no longer seemed afraid of me or other people. He actually became the friendliest cat in the world….He did a complete 360! When people would come over to my place he wouldn’t run and hide in the bedroom anymore. He would stay out in the living room. He even started licking and nibbling on me to show affection. And to this day I don’t think I’ve ever heard him growl again! He turned into a wonderful, affectionate, well-adjusted cat! He’s still on a one a day pill but doing incredible! I am very greatful for the session that Amber gave him! And to take things one step further… because of this whole experience with Amber and Felix I was inspired to become a reiki healer myself which has been life-changing. So in closing, I would definitely recommend Amber for reiki or anything else she provides for animals! She is really an awesome special person!” -Jennie H.




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